Sunday, 28 February 2010

Confirmation card 2010

Confirmation card I have made to a boy who love to go hunting with his father. The beautiful stamp have I buyed the stamp here stamp nr. 100014 jaktplate14B. The brown cardstock have I decorated in my printer, made a document in word with footprints all over the sheet, and then print it on the cardstock. Remember only the thin cardstock can come in my printer. The little green book I have placed at the frontside is a little information about the time to go hunting for the different animal, deer, rabbit, pheasant, duck and partridge. The color of the card have I chose because the card is to a confirmation in spring.
Here you have a look in the little book.
The card inside where you can see I have made a pocket to money. I also have used a little part of the stamp to made this with only the dog at. I have place paper where I not will have the rest of the stamp. The card is decorated with flowers, leafs and feathers.
The back of the card.