Sunday, 28 February 2010

Confirmation card 2010

Confirmation card I have made to a boy who love to go hunting with his father. The beautiful stamp have I buyed the stamp here stamp nr. 100014 jaktplate14B. The brown cardstock have I decorated in my printer, made a document in word with footprints all over the sheet, and then print it on the cardstock. Remember only the thin cardstock can come in my printer. The little green book I have placed at the frontside is a little information about the time to go hunting for the different animal, deer, rabbit, pheasant, duck and partridge. The color of the card have I chose because the card is to a confirmation in spring.
Here you have a look in the little book.
The card inside where you can see I have made a pocket to money. I also have used a little part of the stamp to made this with only the dog at. I have place paper where I not will have the rest of the stamp. The card is decorated with flowers, leafs and feathers.
The back of the card.

Confirmations ideas 2010

Confirmations set of a combinated menu-place card-songs for welcome and after the dinner, in white and lilac.
Invitation open and closed.

The combinated menu-place card-songs for welcome and after diner booklet open. In the right side of the booklet I have made a pocket to the songs. And in the left side the menu.
Here the songs taken up of the pocket.

At the frontside of the combinated menu-place card-songs for wekcome and after dinner booklet there are place to write the name of the guest.

Confirmation 2010

I had made this confirmations set with invitation, goodie bag and doggy bag in offwhite colors.
First you see the whole set of this
The invitation closed and open
The invitation is the rules
Here is the goodie bag, where you can lay candy in to the guests. The goodie bag is also table card. The template to this, have a used the box from a Martha Stewart punch I have buyed, when you see it look like a milk bottle. I have made the window in this, so the guest can get a little look to the goodies.
The frontside of the goodie bag
The goodie bag looked from the undersite, where you come the goodies in and out. I have wrote a little "Thanks to the guest for making the day enjoyable", on the opening
The doggy bag is made to the rest of food to the dog at home, who not was invited to the confirmation. The stamps I have used here are from Design House Pure Westies, buyed by the artikelnr.: 11483.
The text at the front, is about the dog who complained about not were invited to the confirmation, and hope the people will bring them a little rest of the food.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

New card

This new card, have I made to a person who have bithday, and she have worked all the time in a paint shop which sell paint. That's why I have insert the paint buckets.

The place to write the personal letter to the person who have birthday.
Here you see a pocket to money in the card.
The text inside the card is here:
We're painting the town red
You're a bit down in the mouth; do you think everything's all grey?
Yes, I know it is, of course, you know it
but forget it for a second, let it disappear into the air
grab your palette, because now we'll put on the colors.
We're painting the town red and the sky white of star gleam
all that is grey and boring gets an extra patch of colour
then we give the clothes of night a brushstroke or more
and only when the sun says good morning and gets to work
we'll say goodnight!