Sunday, 30 December 2007

My homemade template index

It started with an idea, to get more system in my templates.
I took a washing up-tabs box, and cut it down to 15 cm in height. Then I covering the box with black cardboard. I had used 2 piece of cardboard (Size 12x12 inch)around the box. The cardboard I cut was 18 cm height and I turn off 3 cm into the box. Then I stamped the doodles with ClearStamps (designed of Autumn Leaves, AL2612 Elegant Flourishes 0307) and white stampcolour around the box. I let it dry a little. Then I stamped/wrote the text (stencil) horizontal, with my alphabet ClearStamps at the front of the box. After that I took a cardboard in 5x12 cm, and blackened the edge with white stampcolour, and let it dry a little too. I stamp the text vertical and let it dry a little. Then I placed the text cardboard at the back side.
I decorated the doodles on my box, with Glitter Stick in black and diamond colour. And then I placed some small flowers (named Got Flowers Deux from Prima) mixed black, white and grey flowers in the same glass. I had made the middle of the flowers with Glitter Stick, and let it dry.

I placed a ribbon around the box, and then I tie a bow. I had made some tab to the box, and wrote the alphabet distributed on 9 tabs. The tab is 22,5 cm heigh and 17,5 cm wide, and I have rounded the corners at the tabs. The templates in the packing are well suited to A5 size-plastic pockets. I had made a index of my templates in A5 size.

Now the template box is finished. Good luck to do the same box.

Embroidery on card made with Joy by Chrissie templates.

Card made with Joy Crafts by Chrissie template 6001-1005.

Weddingcard made with Joy Crafts by Chrissie template 6001-1009.

Friday, 21 December 2007

I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
I hope the new Year will bring you good luck.
Thank you everybody for the big interest for my blog/homepage.