Sunday, 30 December 2007

My homemade template index

It started with an idea, to get more system in my templates.
I took a washing up-tabs box, and cut it down to 15 cm in height. Then I covering the box with black cardboard. I had used 2 piece of cardboard (Size 12x12 inch)around the box. The cardboard I cut was 18 cm height and I turn off 3 cm into the box. Then I stamped the doodles with ClearStamps (designed of Autumn Leaves, AL2612 Elegant Flourishes 0307) and white stampcolour around the box. I let it dry a little. Then I stamped/wrote the text (stencil) horizontal, with my alphabet ClearStamps at the front of the box. After that I took a cardboard in 5x12 cm, and blackened the edge with white stampcolour, and let it dry a little too. I stamp the text vertical and let it dry a little. Then I placed the text cardboard at the back side.
I decorated the doodles on my box, with Glitter Stick in black and diamond colour. And then I placed some small flowers (named Got Flowers Deux from Prima) mixed black, white and grey flowers in the same glass. I had made the middle of the flowers with Glitter Stick, and let it dry.

I placed a ribbon around the box, and then I tie a bow. I had made some tab to the box, and wrote the alphabet distributed on 9 tabs. The tab is 22,5 cm heigh and 17,5 cm wide, and I have rounded the corners at the tabs. The templates in the packing are well suited to A5 size-plastic pockets. I had made a index of my templates in A5 size.

Now the template box is finished. Good luck to do the same box.