Sunday, 28 February 2010

Confirmation 2010

I had made this confirmations set with invitation, goodie bag and doggy bag in offwhite colors.
First you see the whole set of this
The invitation closed and open
The invitation is the rules
Here is the goodie bag, where you can lay candy in to the guests. The goodie bag is also table card. The template to this, have a used the box from a Martha Stewart punch I have buyed, when you see it look like a milk bottle. I have made the window in this, so the guest can get a little look to the goodies.
The frontside of the goodie bag
The goodie bag looked from the undersite, where you come the goodies in and out. I have wrote a little "Thanks to the guest for making the day enjoyable", on the opening
The doggy bag is made to the rest of food to the dog at home, who not was invited to the confirmation. The stamps I have used here are from Design House Pure Westies, buyed by the artikelnr.: 11483.
The text at the front, is about the dog who complained about not were invited to the confirmation, and hope the people will bring them a little rest of the food.