Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Magnum card

Magnum Classic 25th anniversary

It is 25 years since the first Magnum ice was released. Today, you can buy the Magnum ice cream in nearly 100 countries, but it is actually in Denmark eaten most.

We have the world record for eating Magnum - not bad!
Therefore I had made an anniversary card that I've recycled paper wrap, ice sticks, cardboard from the box to make this fun card. Got the idea of ​​sticks, because in November I made ​​a good recovery card for my husband with patches of persons on board and the circle of ice cream quickly became the skirt to her on the map. And then flew text verses also straight into the air and into the board. Yes, we hope to Magnum Classic likes his card.;) Maybe they show it on their facebook page!/MagnumDanmark?fref=ts
Do I have to write it is our favorite ice cream???
Happy Birthday
Pleasure seekers and Magnum lowers