Monday, 2 March 2009


This black/white confirmationscard are made with a Clearstamps 01-000073 from Heidi Grace, which you find here: I have decorated the card with small clear/grey beads black border stickers, organza ribbon, drawd white sewing around the card with a white gel-pen. The text "Espercially for you..." are stamped with Clearstamp STAMPSSL03 from Studio Light. Which your hobbyshop can get by Stenboden which have nr. 604060 and you find it here: The motive sheet are Matori sheet nr. 4004 and you find it here write 4004 in search.
The card with the horse are made with Crispy ribbon in Turquoise 50 mm . The Crispy ribbon find you here: which is Hjørring Hobby. I have stamped the card with the same Clearstamps like above. I have decorated with flowers, beads, gold border stickers, glitter, and text stickers "Confirmation" and satin ribbon. The motive are a Doe Maar sheet nr. 11055-324.

Under here are a card made with Suzy stencil 006 from Marianne Design, The card are embroidery in 2 colours and decorated with small beads. I have hanged a scallop punch circle at the card, with a lime green circle inside, decorated with flowers, beads and a bow. I have used a stickers with the text "confirmation". The motive are from Studio Light nr. STSL608.

The orange card under here are made with Mery stencil 005 from Marianne Design. Stenbodens nr. at this stencil are 398537 I have embroidery with orange tråd and blue in the middle of the flowers. I have decorated with a punched flowers in 3 size and a blue middle. I have used white beads and glitter at the white cardboards which are made with the stencil. After that I have decorated with satin ribbon. The motive are from Stenboden and have nr. 463722.

The confirmationscard, where I have punch flowers in 4 size in different papers. The motive are from Stenboden nr. 466383. I have used stickers in gold with text "confirmation".