Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Stencil card

I have had to make a larger stencil card to my stencil, because
there are too many to the remains of the earlier I did.

I took a strong box, and occupying the box with gift wrap. The box is decorated with a kind of sign in front, which is made of white cardboard, where I stamped text "stencil" with ClearStamps (Alphabet) in black stamping, which is stamped out of a turquoise frame with Clear stamps. I decorated the box of flowers (called Floral embellishments blue from Prima) and small star pailletter in turquoise.

After that, I took a small box with a lid and occupied it with gift wrap, and decorate it with flowers and pailletter as on the big box. This box is used to prevent the stencils in passing in the box, and there is also a secret room in the form of this box inside the big box. In this way, this card adults in line with my collection of stencil is growing. When I have more stencil, this little box is superfluous in it. The box can be made next to and used for other things.

I have made tabs on my card, and has written the alphabet by 9 tabs. Tabs are decorated with sewed doodles in turquoise, made with Doen 8 stencil, from Doe magazine. There are sewn these doodles on all the tabs.

The stencil in the packages are adequate to A5 size plastic-pocket, which also tabs are set down in the only text sting above. I have created a register of my stencil in A5 size, where I write all the names and numbers on the stencils in. My record now fills 2 plastic-pocket, that I have "stitched" together with satin ribbon as a small booklet.

Here is the final result.

Good luck with getting your own card.